Guda is a constant grab bag of flavor and texture. His influences hail from the deepest and darkest trenches of a foreign and psychedelic jungle with Tabla driven beats that feel nostalgic of the streets of India, and harmonies that seem to echo from the far-east. Guda procures a low end that is an obvious salute to West Coast Bass Music, yet his glitchy whomps seem a distant cousin to the UK’s glitch-hop scene. While Guda remains fresh, exploratory and eclectic- he stays true to his extensive background in jazz with complex harmonies and polyrhythmic phrasing.

At Guda’s musical core lies the exploration on the frontier of melding live instruments to synthetic elements. The calloused and glitchy synths which feel foreign and otherworldly are serenaded by the organic yet robust sounds of rich live Tablas and a soulful yet introspective Saxophone.

This traversing and boundaryless genre hopper got his start from Portland, Oregon. He has opened for giants like Thriftworks, Filastine, and The Desert Dwellers and has played collaborative sets with artists like The Human Experience, Plantrae, and Wala. Guda’s sax can be heard on Emancipator’s recently released track, “Offal Waffle (Emancipator Remix).” As a classically trained musician, his upcoming debut EP, Tyromancy, is uplifting and warm, yet inquisitive and reflective.