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So you’re headed to What The Festival and not quite sure what to pack? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with a list of everything you’ll need, plus some important tips to ensure a fun, safe, and memorable weekend at  What The Festival!


If you are driving out to Wolf Run Ranch, and you did not choose car camping, boutique camping, or RV camping, then you need to be sure and pre-purchase your parking pass! If you have 3 or more people in your vehicle, you will need to buy a Carpool Parking Voucher for $10. Otherwise, with 2 or less people, you will need a General Parking Pass at $50. If you don’t have a vehicle or you dont feel like driving, check out our affordable Eco-Shuttle Tickets, or arrange a ride share through RickyRides. Remember that getting to What The Festival is where your adventures begin! Enjoy the beauty of Oregon’s majestic landscapes as you make your way to your weekend of fun!


Bathing Suit — for the Splash Pool Party each day!

Warm Weather Clothes — the days are warm, so pack those tanks, t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, etc.

Cold Weather Clothes — as warm as it can be during the day, the nights do get chilly, so be sure you pack properly by bringing long pants, a jacket, and a warm hat.

Additional wearables:

Dance Shoes – the terrain is not made for high heels, so pack your sexiest kicks to keep you dancing through the weekend.

Flip Flops or Sandals – bring at least one pair of comfortable flip flops or sandals for the daytime

Sun Hat




Bandana or Scarf

Backpack and/or Camelbak



If you are not going to be glamping in Boutique Camp, you will need to pack your camping gear to bring with you! Here is a list of suggested items:


Sleeping Bag & Pillow

Hammock — we just can’t guarantee that you will find the perfect trees to set up.

Extra Blanket

Air Mattress — for those of you who don’t want to leave the at-home comfort behind.

Camp Chair(s) — its always nice to have a comfy place to hang at your campsite each morning and night!

Tarp — its always handy to have, even in the driest of weather.

Towel — a hand towel, wash cloth, and bathing towel to spread out at the pool. If you decide to visit The Oasis while onsite, towel service is provided for your shower experience.

Headlamp or Flashlight — though there is site lighting on the pathways to the campgrounds, you will need a flashlight to make it to your camp site.


Our marketplace offers everything you need for meals, so you truly don’t need to pack a thing when it comes to food and beverages, but here are a few suggestions to keep your camping experience an easy one:

Cooler — with some chilled beverages (remember no glass!) and snacks. This can double up as a little table for your camp site too! We sell ice at the Campground Host Station, so your trek to refill your cooler is minimal.

Container for Water — What The Festival offers free water fill-up stations, so be sure you bring a reusable container for your drinking water and be sure to STAY HYDRATED! That is one of the most important rules for being safe and having a good weekend experience.

Camp Stoves — are not allowed anywhere outside of the community kitchens for fire prevention safety. The festival offers so many great food vending options very close to the campgrounds, including a coffee stand right at Campground Host Station, so you truly do not need to plan to cook anything, but if you really want to, you can do it in the provided community kitchens.

Trash Bags — though we do provide receptacles on site, we strongly encourage this to be a pack it in, pack it out event. We provide you with one trash bag per car as you arrive to site as a friendly reminder of this policy.


If you forget something, we’ve got you covered at our general store, but to keep you prepared, here is a list of toiletry items to consider packing:

Biodegradable Soap — if you head to The Oasis for a shower, complimentary Dr. Bronner’s soap is provided, but it is always handy to have your own travel sized soap for washing your face, water bottle, etc.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Wet Wipes — these are handy for a quick clean up

Extra Toilet Paper – we encourage our participants to bring single ply or marine TP, as it makes it easier for the pumpers

Hand Sanitizer

Sunscreen — we know, its Oregon, but you will need it – trust us

Personal First Aid Kit — There is a full medical facility onsite, but if you simply need a bandaid or headache relief medicine and you are already at your campsite, it might be handy to have a little kit of your own



Condoms (just in case)


Cell Phone — (there will be charging stations onsite)

Camera — how else will you capture all of your summer memories?

Extra car keys — (if you are camping with friends you may want to give them extra car keys or keyless entry devices so they can store valuables in the car and have access to it if you get separated)

Flag or totem — (to mark your campsite so you can find it easily)

Your Tickets! – either the print at home version, or scannable emailed copy through your smartphone


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