Back in 2010, PRSN co-created WüRK, one of the top electronic music dance clubs Northern Nevada had ever seen. Working tirelessly to put Reno on the map, WüRK became a mandatory stop for emerging and established electronic music acts. Reno couldn’t hold him there for long though, his eyes were set on the Pacific Northwest. Now well established in Portland, OR; PRSN has been laying down roots with his refined selections and edits. PRSN recently linked up with Barisone, creating an allied force dubbed: toos. toos plays host to a fresh new monthly in the City of Roses, called Wake The Town, a party devoted to Bass Music with a nod to Hip Hop and Reggae cultures. Be on the lookout for PRSN bringing style and depth to dancefloors in cities and festivals up and down the West Coast.