With his roots as a pioneering producer and dj of the American underground bass music subculture, Dean Grenier (f.k.a. DJG) continues his musical evolution into new techno-infused architectural landscapes as “Sister City”  along with comrades Hej Fund and EPROM. 

Riding off the momentum of singles on Tectonic, Symbols, Photek Productions, Brownwood and more, as well as albums “Voids” and collaborative project with avant-garde jazz trio Archie Pelago, Dean shows no signs of slowing down creatively with the 2015 launch of the label and production outfit Sister City.

Grenier’s DJ sets reflect a focus on a techno & bass music hybrid for which his recent production explorations have become known. His DJ talents have brought him all over the world, including the legendary club Fabric in London and numerous tours around Europe and North America.