Zodiac Thrillah

Zodiac Thrillah Bio:

I am the Zodiac Thrillah—a name which embodies who I am and the art I create. A Portland native, born and raised, I am inspired by compassionate living, the power of manifestation through new and full moons, plant-based medicine, and nature itself.  I live and work by the old hermetic saying “as above, so below” which perfectly expresses the theory that events occurring in the heavens are in direct relation to our own holistic experiences including those in our bodies, minds, past and future lives, and so on. I often work to incorporate current astrological events into my art to illustrate how planetary movements can illuminate our own individual paths. I’ve been spray painting for four years now, working specifically in space and landscape painting since the fall of 2014, and really value cultivating my own ritual-based practice in my artistic process and daily life.