Neon Eso Terricka

Neon Eso Terricka Bio:

Neon Eso Terricka is a revolving installation art group founded in 2012 by Rick Zar, who has been working with neon and glass since 1981. Other members include painter Meesha Goldberg and artists Sam Dantone and Alma Sills. Blending traditional and non-traditional neon light, movement, sculpture, and iconic imagery, they specialize in live neon sculpting performances that are completely unique, producing visionary large scale on-site installations.

The Beacon:

“The Beacon” is a 10’x14′ art installation of kinetic miniature neon, neon bees, and translucent geometric forms, which will surround a large scale banner of the painting, “The Pollinators,” in which a woman comes forth from the constellations surrounded by an ascending spiral of bees. Through our installation we hope to attract attention to the value of the bees, whose work helps fertilize and feed the planet. The cosmic imagery of the spinning neon and stars stresses just how rare the fertile planet Earth is amongst the great expanse of space. In addition to the installation piece, Rick Zar will be creating his unique lights live on site with glass, flame, and neon gas. “The Beacon” will shine brightly in the dark forest, attracting individuals to engage in contemplation, conversation, and wonder.