Motovadar Bio:

*MOTOVADAR* creates environments based on creative collaboration with a committment to inspiring wonder and interactivity. We started with an underground event called Bubblerella, an interactive guerilla space-themed bubble-centric party in a warehouse space in industrial Portland circa 2010. We are some of the builders and sailers of the Bootybump PDX. Members include Ryah Radomski (fabicator in the retail & tradeshow environments industry), Sid Simpatico (MarchFourth and TEOTE), Joe V (Proper Salon), Sparkles the kitty and Maybel Rosemire (cheerleader and support systems).

Sparkle Motion Description:

‚ÄúSparkle Motion‚ÄĚ makes broad strokes of¬†brilliant light bubble and glitters in the forest. We embellish the treetops with dangling orbiting lazer cut prismatic mirror hoops shooting vinyl sunshine dancing through the forest in an ever-changing kalaidascope of rainbows and sparkles.