Miki Masuhara-Page

Miki Masuhara-Page Bio:

I was born in Santa Fe, NM, but was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was homeschooled in my junior high years and then attended King Kamehameha Schools where I embraced my Hawaiian heritage. I enjoyed creating things from a very young age and as I grew older so did my curiosity to explore new mediums and create larger and more detailed sculptures. I like to explore the imagination and create works that spark curiosity in the mind through fun, whimsical, and childlike qualities. I enjoy the element of surprise and bringing life to creatures and materials that are unexpected to have such properties. I like to create creatures embodying human characteristics in the form of a domain of fantasy or purity of feeling, usually cartoonish in nature. I take pleasure in challenging myself by working organically and overcoming obstacles as they are presented. My work is influenced by nature, fantasy, dreams, and my upbringing.

The Cosmic Messenger:

“The Cosmic Messenger” is a metallic life-sized unicorn with wings. Her body exterior is covered in chalkboards for writing messages, and her body cavity houses glowing chakras made of mosaic glass. With a heart made of a disco ball, “The Cosmic Messenger” will glow at night and light up the forest around her.