Matthew Barry

Matthew Barry Bio:

Matthew Barry is an experiential designer born and raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the sweetest place on earth. That is why he left. He now resides in Portland, Oregon. There he crafts a world of nostalgic musings interpreted into sacred installations and snarky performances, narrative styling and erotic photobooks, kitschy cards and celebration cakes. One of these days he will make one of these, or all of these things, for you.

Warped Weft:

Warped Weft is a spectral tapestry utilizing strips of holographic, luminescent, and glittering materials that will ebb and flow within a built structure to create an interlocking galaxy that calls for the nostalgic craft of the past while giving glimpse to the textiles of our future. This tapestry will seemingly grow as foliage upon a tree within the Illuminated Forest, beginning as a bed upon the ground and then blanketing up onto and weaving about a tree, serving as both ground cover and canopy for festival-goers to come upon, congregate, and commune.