Kara Morgan

Kara Morgan Bio:

As humans we cannot forget all the beauty that surrounds and connects us on an everyday basis. I am constantly inspired by all different aspects of art and people in this life. I love to paint with intention and feel that art has the power to heal. Each painting is meant to awaken love, healing, ancient wisdom, and the magic within ourselves. A painting can be the window into a persons soul, thus you get a piece of that individuals energy. It has opened me to a level of which I could never fully express in words.

Lunar Medicine:

Firefly Nebula Art by Kara Morgan from Portland, OR will be showcasing three acrylic paintings from her series Lunar Medicine. These pieces embody the divine feminine and our relationship with lunar energies. Using bold brush strokes, vivid colors, and a touch of magic these paintings will lead you on a whimsical journey through The Illuminated Forest of What The Festival.