Jonathan Ash Clark

Jonathan Ash Clark Bio:

Jonathan Ash Clark, otherwise known as Hijinks, has been developing mixed-media installation art since 1999, after traveling around South America in 2004 he decided to begin working with video, creating textures that undulate with natural rhythms of music in the human body because they are all from live sources. This technique, called visual jazz, integrates performance art and visual design into a luscious video mixture which he has projected over 2 and 3 dimensional surfaces/works of art. More recently he has focused on taking apart his live work and honing it into integrated loops and scratches that he hybridizes with stimuli from the more mathematical and plant dimensions creating a continuum from analogue to digital that resonates with life. The Cupola is inspired by ancient Islamic architecture,Arabic geometry and modern technique. T he dome is made of detailed and complex interlocking wooden rings. Each section represents a different stage of the adaptation of life forms and the complexity of the human mind. Chromofax is a detail- cut layered wooden horse, newly transformed to Unicorn. With a heart of disco, this galloping majestic creation catches the eye both day and night.

The Cupola:

Geometric portal dome. 


Life-sized, wooden horse sculpture.