Jesse Banks


“Chromaspores” aims to create a calming, meditative environment through the use of gently fading lights mounted directly in a tree. 12 radially-oriented armatures will dangle 48 paper lantern “spores” with full color LEDs inside. Each of the spores are independently lit and controlled, but act together as a group to create dynamic, cohesive color patterns. A system of removable chains will be used to suspend the armatures and spores, eliminating permanent damage to the tree. Individual spores will have variable lengths of chain; some spores may be closer to the ground while some may be high in the branches. An open gathering space beneath the tree is manditory.

Zen Generator:

“Zen Generator” presents an analogy. A bridge between the quantum and macro worlds, a window into the inner workings of the universe. The system turns regularly, from the cumulative effect of endless random magnetic repulsions, just as the order we experience in our physical world is the result of countless unfathomable interactions at the quantum-level.