Jenny Hannah Roche

Jenny Hannah Roche Bio:

Jenny Hannah Roche is a narrative-based photographer working in analog and digital mediums. Raised by a golden-haired gypsy mother under a fog blanket in rural Oregon, she grew tall and saucy in a log cabin fashioned with a Jacuzzi bathtub but no indoor toilet to speak of. Her mom traded Grateful Dead shows for Disneyland vacations and purchased Jenny her first camera at age sixteen. Jenny balances her time between commissioned portraits, commercial and fashion narratives, and her personal projects.

The Magical Photo Rickshaw:

“The Magical Photo Rickshaw” is a velvet lined bordelo on wheels,with¬†its very own fleet of ¬†Opalescent¬†mermaids.
This mobile photo booth snaps Polaroids of riders while the mermaids serve as intergalactic tour guides for festival goers.