Ghost Stag & Tucker Teutsch III

Ghost Stag & Tucker Teutsch III:

Ghost Stag joins with renowned installation artist, Tucker Teutsch 3.0, combining his immersive structure the Teranium with their interactive Echo Pod.

The Echo Pod + Teraniums:

The Audio Teranium is an installation you can climb into and engage with others to create a communal journey into the psychedelic soul of sound and discover the music hidden all around you. In a world filled with overstimulation of what others can create to keep you entertained, the Audio Teranium provides a container to create your own musical journey with those around you. Learn together to infuse the heartbeat of your surrounding environment with rhythms of voice and body as tools to make songs that transcend the expectations of your mind and connect your spirit to the primal origins of creating music as a tribe.