Elemental Energy

Elemental Energy Bio:

Elemental Energy’s mission is to critically address the way that society uses¬†and thinks about energy, and to that end, Elemental Energy designs, installs,¬†and services solar electric systems on businesses, homes, and mobile¬†units in Oregon, Washington, and internationally. Voted one of the nation’s¬†Top Solar Contractors in 2013 and 2014 Featured contractor for residential¬†install at the NW Natural Street of Dreams in 2014 Specialize in creative¬†solutions to your energy needs. Installs include: small and large residential¬†roof- and ground-mounted arrays, off-grid boat houses, solar module¬†awnings and patio coverings, and mobile units (trailers, trucks, vans, buses,¬†etc.)


A solar-powered, mobile, multi-use entertainment trailer. With a flat-screen TV, speakers and a wall of outlets, the SolCube can be adapted for a wide range of entertainment options–all without the need for an external power source. Turn phone charging from a hassle, to fun, and enjoy Mario Kart, music and lights while you wait.