Edward Ershbock

Edward Ershbock Bio:

Edward Ershbock is an Installation artist who’s use of video, sound, and location based performance art is ever expanding on the phenomenon of the life world in a contemporary society. His many bodies of work make reference to ideological frameworks in socio-political spheres and the navigation of the human on the non-human landscape. He has shown in juried exhibitions at Portland State University, Place Gallery, and created a non-profit arts organization, PDX SynesthesiA, which is in its third installment of curating over 40 artists, writers, and musicians from the northwest several times a year. Edward is pursuing a bachelors of fine arts with a double major in philosophy of science and methodology with honors at Portland State University.

Eternal Reccurance

A body of pieces that use art history slides riveted into a conveyor belt that turns on six large cogs.