Andrew Ensley

Andrew Ensley Bio:

Drew Ensley has had an artistic touch since grade school starting with drawing detailed pictures on room walls to building 50ft tree houses with 4 stories and a full size deck on top. A little after 2005 he began experimenting with projectors for gaming matches at parties and lasted for about 4 years.  Later on, after slipping and bumping his head while standing on his toilet to hang a clock, an idea of VJ style interactive visuals came to mind! Some very good friends gave him a chance to show the work at a venue and it was a instant hit. A short time after he began studding standard VJ visuals with complex mapping for eye candy on screens behind the DJ booth and slowly upgraded to projection on large festival domes and the beauty continued. It is believed his biggest goal this summer is to map a large dome at 3 different angles in our burning man camp and attempt to make it one of the most attractive dance domes in the city.

Inter Dimensional Mirror:

Drew will be creating 3 interactive visualization systems via projector using visikord for an interactive dance experience in The Illuminated Forest.