Braden Behan

Braden Behan Bio:

Melodic Illumination is a collaborative project between engineer Braden Behan and artist Lauren Bruce. Braden is a graduate from University of Portland in Mechanical Engineering where he studied biomaterial interfaces and developed myoelectric sensing and biomimicry devices. Lauren is a graduate of Portland State University where she majored in Arts with an emphasis in photography. Lauren’s work includes double exposure work showing the duality of festival experiences and their natural setting (What The Festival 2013 included).

Melodic Illumination:

Melodic Illumination is an interactive piece in which observers are encouraged to touch the artwork in order to make their own unique sounds. Swirling patterns of conductive inks paired with computer controlled sound allow the user to make their own music with the painting as an interface.  In doing so, the shifting shapes simulate the sound waves emerging from Melodic Illumination and allow the participant to become an active participant in creating their own art.