Anjali Plainfield

Anjali Plainfield Bio:

Hobbyist Anjali Plainfield spends most of her free time painting, sculpting, and building beautiful things to share with the world. “Something Civil: spurred from her love of playing dress-up, her unhealthy obsession with the show ‘Downton Abbey’, and the desire to create a space for those seeking refuge from the constant buzzing energy of the festival. Crew members Amanda Tabaka and Milan Hanson have been paramount in the transformation of this simplistic idea into an art piece of grace and beauty.

 Something Civil:

Upon frolicking through the Illuminated Forest, hiding in the midst of musical mayhem, seek and you shall find Something Civil. Trade in your glow sticks and water bottles for top hats and tea cups, your stunna’ shades and fanny packs for monocles and parasols. Act out a scene with fellow fringe-laden friends in the fanciest photobooth from behind a golden frame.

Step into a world where dignitaries and high society folk can converse about the weather and everyone’s health… or whatever you damn well please, because sometimes you just need ‘Something Civil’.