Amanda Stubits

Amanda Stubits Bio:

Amanda ‚ÄúPanda‚ÄĚ Stubits is a multi-media artist that creates using materials¬†which vary from project to project, yet always include dance, paint and¬†music. As an artist and producer she draws from the energy and vibration¬†of her surroundings; channeling light, color, emotion and heart into unique¬†visions of the fantastic. Each piece carries with it a story which comes from¬†the dreams and hearts of the viewer. Sensual and raw, her pieces evoke¬†heartfelt introspection with playful whimsy. Amanda has dipped her hands in¬†many artistic projects, including art builds, live paintings, costume clothing,¬†jewelry, and murals. She currently resides and works in the Pacific¬†Northwest and surrounding area.

The Creature Feature:

This year‚Äôs project at What the Festival is¬†“The Creature Feature,” where viewers are welcome to experience a glimpse¬†of the creatures from another world and their environment. This will be a 10-foot-tall structure which includes a suspended crystalline sculpture which will¬†be used as a surface for a live paint by Amanda Stubits and airbrush artist¬†Allie Hanlon (Meltamorphosis Designs) during the festival. T he build itself¬†was designed and built in collaboration with local builder and artist John¬†Bryant. More on Meltamorphosis art: