TreyZilla Bio:

Hatched from the egg in 1987, TreyZ illa (Trey Martinez) currently takes¬†residence in Oakland, CA. Influenced by classic rock, punk, metal, DnB,¬†garage, house, trap, future bass, and hip hop among others, TreyZilla‚Äôs¬†hybridized finesse is always apparent whether he‚Äôs in the kitchen mixing it¬†in or in the lab remixing it up. An El‚Äô CapitAN, TreyZilla steers his auditory¬†ship through black holes and dimensional rifts, delivering melodies that take¬†you in and send you back on your way lifted off that other ‚Äėish. Naturally¬†gifted with a flare for playing out sensitively to environment and crowd,¬†TreyZilla consistently provides completely organic moments that leave¬†listeners heightened and musically buzz drunk.