B Hammer'd

B Hammer’d Bio:

B Hammer’d began his journey in high school as a bassist and songwriter in his humble suburban town. His first foray into electronic music was a simple mashup mix made for a radio contest for San Francisco’s LIve 105.

After this he turned to making downtempo music in the style of Boards of Canada. Alone in his room he explored the depths of headnodic beats and sprawling melodies content to create electronica which appealed to the home head phone listener. Fast forward a few years B Hammer’d found himself regularly attending dubstep shows and began to see that the music he wanted to make was meant not for headphones but for dance clubs. Quickly becoming dissatisfied with the dubstep scene he began to branch out and seek out more diverse realms of dance music from which to draw from. He now specializes in remixes and mashups of todays hottest electronic artists as well as running several dance nights in Portland. On top of that he is the official DJ for the Portland Stags and Rose City Rollers.

As a performer Electronic hip hop, funky breakbeats, and future rnb are the styles that drive him now. His sets always seek to pull together a range of eclectic beats, rhythms and tempos all with a common theme. His performances are built for those who really want to get down, those who love to get low and those who love to let loose. B Hammer’d seeks to stimulate both body and mind believing that music should make you want to move but should also make you think.

And remember “The music is always better when you B Hammer’d”