Basic Contact Staff (Flow Arts)

Basic Contact Staff (Flow Arts):

Come learn how to spin a staff without gripping it with your hand! Welcome to the MAGICAL WORLD OF CONTACT STAFF!! We will be starting from the basics and working our way up the ladder to cover any contact staff move you want to learn! Class will be divided based on skill level and participants will be encouraged to move between groups to challenge themselves and help each other learn! All skill levels welcome!

(This is a fire-free class).

Tyler Spades Bio:

Spades is a graceful ninja based out of Portland, Oregon and has taught workshops and performed around the world since 2007. He focuses primarily on contact staff, double staff, contact swords, and staff juggling. He won the 2013 Ultimate Ninja flow arts video competition, was voted a “staff spinspiration of 2014”, was a featured instructor by the Flow Arts Institute in 2015, is part of the organizational team for Pacific Fire Gathering, and is a staff writer for Fire Arts Magazine. You can check out dozens of his instructional and inspirational videos on his YouTube channel, Facebook page, and website under “Spinning Spades”.