Deep Soul Yoga

Deep Soul Yoga:

Opening, lengthening and awakening the body with some amazing R&B

Robin Ward Bio:

Robin Ward is a student of Breath and Movement. Her favorite forms of Breath and Movement are Massage and Yoga. At East West School of massage in Portland Oregon, where Robin got her training, graduated from Oregon School of Massage, training at two different schools of thought, landing her 3 years in school with a wide variety of knowledge. In her practice, she has developed a keen sense of Massage that will wake up the muscles and create positive flow globally in the body. In her 8 years of practice, Robin has worked with many athletes, dancers, MMA fighters, and other active people who push their bodies to the limit. Her talents assisting in healing is quite consistent with her work: deep and grounding. Robin attended Core Power Yoga in Berkeley California, becoming a certified Yogi. This training added to her growing repertoire of practice by incorporating posture assessment, lengthening muscle, and improving blood flow.

“I enjoy helping people as well as making them smile. If my bodywork does both, I am a happy girl”

– Robin Ward