Good Times Yoga

Good Times Yoga:

A radically inclusive electro movement experience that playfully weaves the sacred and profane for a freakquency raising celebration of life in a body. Nona Fender & the Benders is an unorthodox Yoga class with live music by EEnor. Nona could be compared to a raw and uncensored sage from esoterica, though she’s from Queens and wears her panties on the outside. The class covers everything from flow and alignment based vinyassa, laced with comedy, cursing, tantric philosophy, and more. It is an immersive experience that sets the tone for a great day, a great weekend, and a great life.

Nona Fender & the Benders Bio:

Nona Fender & EEnor are a creative power couple who share their overflowing love with the masses via mad sexy playful humor and high vibration sound and suggestion. Nona is lucid dawn’s altar ego, she has a background in ritual theatre, performing and healing arts, & has been a yogini for over 20 years, teaching for 8 years. EEnor, (Yard Dogs Road Show, Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade) is a master musical space wizard. Together they weave their passion and skills to bring a new approach to party time, community building, and celebrating life!