2015 Films: Decked Out Cinema

2015 Films

 Directed by Doidy Florian

5 ways to die, Directed by Diaina Papadaki

A Life Story, Directed by Nacho Rodriguez

Petite Pave, Directed by Fabio Allon

A Few Days with You, Directed by Frederic Kofman

Grafstract: The Bronx Street Art Renaissance, Directed by Dan Perez

Believe the Lie, Directed by Juan Longobardo

Across the Whipplwash, Directed by Josh Drake & Caitlin Drake

Back in The 212, Directed by Jorge Monsalve

Autogenic, Directed by Prakash H

Bubbles Don’t Lie, Directed by Stepan Etrych

Candies, Directed by Ivan Lopez

Grown Ups, Directed by Javier Marco

Dan in Mum, Directed by Fabrice Bracq

The Field of the Few Ideas, Directed by Andrian Bohm

Writing is Rewriting, Directed by Luis Francisco Perez

Spotless, Directed by Jean Defrancisco

Everyday is a Small Life, Directed by Albane Fioretti & Lou-Brice Leonard

Golconda, Directed by Manuel Maria Almereyda Perrone

Knight of the Seas, Directed by Fernando Alcantara

Launch Pad for Consciousness, Directed by Ezry Keydar

Maisha, Directed by Jordi Piulachs & Lula Gomez

Out of Sight, Directed by Jaime Alonso De Linaje

Recyclable Plastic, Directed by Pablo R. Montenegro

If They Had Eyes, Directed by Carlos Polo Menarguez

The Back Ground Man, Directed by Jose Medina

The Invisibles, Directed by Edgar Alvarez

The Last Session, Directed by Natxo Fuentes

Urban Conformation 31:41, Directed by Florian Rouzaud Cornabas

Virgins, Directed by Victor Ribeiro