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What The Festival hosts a special curation of delicious eats, treats and drinks & cutting edge crafts of fine styles and bling. Something for everyone: to whet your whistle, to style you up and to send you home with special mementos from a weekend you will never forget.

Are you a crafty creator?

Do you have recipe concoctions that will nourish and delight us?

Would you like to be considered to join our special collection in the What The Festival Marketplace? If so, then please read on!

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Our online vending applications are now live! The deadline for completing the online application is Midnight PST, April 1, 2015.

However! It is important to note that being the first or early to submit your application does not increase your probability of being selected. What The Festival uses a high priority list of criteria for selecting vendors, which makes our marketplace special.

Before you proceed to the application, dear potential vendor, please thoroughly evaluate the criteria on the following page so you can provide complete information for your application and be considered as a valuable addition to our festival:

How is your business a GREEN business? Do you use sustainable products which include minimal packaging, compostable containers, recycling? Do you source local areas for your materials? Is there heart in the production of what you have to offer? Be prepared to provide an explanation.

Does your booth have an intriguing, dynamic, festive frontage and overall appearance? What The Festival holds strongly the aspect of ART and this extends to every area of the festival. Does your booth go beyond a standard pop up tent? How so? How does your setup demonstrate festival creativity and art in appearance? This is aside from what you offer for sale. This is your contribution to the overall vibe of the marketplace and festival. Be prepared to have web links to online images to show your setup at previous events — or, if you are new, a mock set up to demonstrate what you will debut in 2015.

How is your product amazing and a super addition to What The Festival? Be prepared to provide a write up describing what you have to offer, listing the full extent of items (and if more than one business/designer is within your booth) and links to online images to show some samples of your offerings.

If you are a provider of any edibles (aka as food, beverage or roaming edible vendor) be prepared AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION to provide a full menu list of what you will offer including a price list.

The deadline for completing the online application is Midnight PST, April 1, 2015. What The Festival takes deadlines seriously. In the process of application and selection please take note of all deadlines, including vending fee payment, etc. If you miss deadlines it will disable your participation in the What The Festival’s Marketplace.

Notification of Acceptance.
After submitting your form, we know you will be anxious to hear from us. Notifications of acceptance will take place on April 15, 2015.

For the 2015 Craft Vendor Application, click here.

For the 2015 Food/Beverage/Edibles Vendor Application, click here.