Lincoln Up

A tireless and unwavering servant of up to the time and timeless dance music sounds, Lincolnup holds forth from Portland, OR as co-founder of DJ and Event Production outfits Alchemy and Bubblin and as the Electronic Music Booker at Tonic Lounge. Actively DJ’ing in public since 2000, Lincolnup’s sets generally feature Garage, House, Techno, Disco and Regional Bass musics in their broadest senses. He’s built a strong int’l reputation for novel and compelling live dj sets and mixes, which have been heard by thousands and featured in noted periodicals such as Willamette Week and Trash Menagerie. His deep versatility and complete understanding of the pacing of a dance party has led to him being tabbed to share bills with a diverse array of talents, including DJ Krush, Reggie Watts (in Synth Club), Kode 9, DJ Godfather, Drop the Lime, Martyn, Elliot Lipp, Salva, Bondax, DJ Assault, and many others. He’s also played gigs in Seattle, LA, Honolulu and appeared multipe times at Decibel Festival in Seattle.

In 2009, Lincolnup approached Ben Tactic with an idea to throw dance parties generally featuring sounds happening at the intersection of Garage, House, Techno, Dubstep, and Tropical Bass. Ben agreed and together they founded the trailblazing dj/event production crew Bubblin. Since then they have produced parties that have seen Portland and Pacific Northwest debut appearances by a wide multitude of forward thinking and genre defining artists such as DJ Pierre, DJ Deeon, Todd Edwards, Digital Mystiks, DJ Technics, T he Bug, Roska, Ben UFO, Om Unit, Machinedrum, Pearson Sound, Jimmy Edgar, Kyle Hall, Z ed Bias, Dre Skull, MJ Cole, and lots more. Five years later, Bubblin has built a globally recognized reputation as one of the crucial taste making crews operating in North America.

In late 2014 Lincolnup founded the up and coming Alchemy crew, which has already presented celebrated taste making events featuring bookings such as Flava D (Butterz/London UK) and Leon Vynehall (Aus Music/Bournemouth UK), and is poised to go on a singular run in it’s own right.

Since early 2014 Lincolnup has also been the Electronic Music Booker at Tonic Lounge in Portland. His tenure has seen the noted punk/metal/rock venue play host to a run of successful, forward thinking dance music bookings and events, which has firmly established Tonic Lounge as a destination for up to the time and timeless sounds in the Pacific Northwest. “Lincolnup has a PhD in Funknology” – Dave Segal, T he Stranger (Seattle) Bookings: