Straight Up Hack

From stealing his parents Motown 45s to spin on his Fisher Price Turntable as a young child back in the 70s . . .

. . . to using a splitter with two Walkmans to mix tapes at house parties in the 80s (Then moving to Discmans in the 90s and eventually to iPods in the 2000s)

Diablo does whatever he has to in order to get you to get UP off of your feet and get DOWN & Boogie!

Going mobile with his trike and/or trailer at Burning Man, Pedalpalooza or local street fairs and parades, he’d blow minds (and Bubbles) while rocking the spirit with some radical “Time-Based Art” accompanied by a Funky-ass musical soundtrack.

Taken under-wing by one of his favorite humans, fellow dancer and all around amazing DJ, the only and only Manoj, who began training Diablo¬†to help¬†him¬†improve his transitions, he was subsequently visited & gifted some advanced technology¬†by a mysterious “time-traveler”, so¬†after many years and much practice¬†Diablo is beginning to take it to the next level . . .

Bitten hard by the community radio bug after being gifted an on-air slot BMIR – Burning Man Information Radio (Black Rock City, Nevada -94.5 FM), he’s carried that passion back to his home town and the local Listener-Powered, Non-Corporate Community Radio Station – KBOO Community Radio, (Portland, Oregon- 90.7 FM) where he is hosts a biweekly late night radio show: The Sacred Circle “TEMENOS” -Radio Show –

Turn in every other Thursday just before Midnight to:

90.7 FM Portland

91.9 FM Hood River ‚ÄĘ 104.3 FM Corvallis

or on-line @ kboo.fm/listen