Pacific Superfood Snacks

The Pacific Experience.

Our kale chips are born from our love for the Pacific Northwest: crystal blue waters, snow white mountains, locally grown food, and strong communal roots. To this day, 80% of our kale is grown right here in Oregon. And like you, we are fanatical about healthy food like kale chips that fuel our daily adventures.

The Pacific Adventure.

Our kale chips are designed for people who seek out and thrive on new experiences, especially when it comes to healthy eating. That’s why we’ve crafted a snack where nutrition and robust flavor coexist. For your health. For your enjoyment. For your adventure.

Cheers to your journey! Eat Kale. Live Long.

The Pacific Promise.

Pacific Superfood Snacks promises that we will always put the quality of our ingredients, the nutritional value and integrity of our products, and your health first and foremost. We will always be made from whole, real food and maintain the benefits of being organic, non-GMO, plant-based, raw, and gluten free. We will never use preservatives or artificial ingredients. Because you deserve it.

We Are A Certified B Corporation

We are part of a new wave in corporate America that harnesses the power of our business to create public benefit.  Everything from the products we make to the way in which we operate is done responsibly.  We believe that the people we serve and the places we conduct business in are of the utmost importance.

As a certified B Corporation we interrogate all aspects of our business in order to understand our impact.  Our goal is to always search for a better way.  We never stand still and are always evolving to ensure that we are maximizing the amount of good we bring to the world.  It’s this dedication to what we do that upholds the standards of a B Corporation.