Selena Jones & Jesse Lewis

Selena Jones & Jesse Lewis Bio:

Selena Jones was born and raised in Oregon. She attended Knox College in Illinois, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Studio Art. Shortly thereafter she attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture. She has taught sculpture, 3D modeling, drawing, digital art, graphic design, and creative research for over four years at several colleges, universities, and private schools, including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Having recently returned from teaching contemporary art in China, and now teaching at Clark College, she maintains an active studio practice in Portland, Oregon. Jesse Lewis has lived in Portland and engaged the underground electronic scene since 2007. As a resident DJ of Rose City Underground, and an aspiring visual projectionist, Jesse has found his way into many roles as an avid supporter of true underground house and techno. Jesse’s unique sound-based approach to visuals has been appreciated at several House Call events as well as the Cathedral Park Party Fundraiser, Inertia, and select Believe You Me parties. He also is the Co-Founder and Music Director of a newer urban arts festival named Synesthesia, which combines art, music and writing of many varieties into an expressive warehouse experience featuring an after hours with underground DJs on a large Alignment Sound System (Groove Suite, Refuge, FIRE).

Light Headed:

The 3D animation that will be projected onto the head was inspired by a dream of one of the artists, Jesse Lewis, and is a narrative depicting an unusual space traveling experience.  The head was modeled after the same artist’s head, and is also transmitted inside the head via small holes in the large eyes of the piece.  In this sense, the object is simultaneously sharing and internalizing the narrative.  The small heads embedded in the surface of the piece can be taken by viewers—perhaps one day those viewers will come together again and reinstall the piece.  We hope this will lead to opportunities of a reunion.