Temple P L U R

Temple P L U R Bio:

TEMPLE  P L U R  is the creation of Rooster Shannon and Oria St. James, with the assistance of Gracie Goode, Nara Reicher and a crew of incredible work partiers. Sacred statuary is on loan from the altars of Rooster Shannon and Nicki Scully, shamanic healer and teacher.

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Peace Love Unity Respect! Temple P L U R is a sanctuary to honor and connect with the sacredness of the Earth, and the Divine. Our temple will be a place to ground, to quiet the mind and be enveloped in love. It is a place to cultivate the feelings and philosophy of PLUR, weaving the connections in our festival family strongly and tightly together.

Only good can come from an understanding and living of peace, love, unity, and respect. This is the P L U R  philosophy, the manifesto we encourage all to live by.

Come and join us in the tipi temple, in the woods of the Illuminated Forest. Dream catchers woven into the site and a sound garden of wind chimes will surround you. Inside the tipi, you can relax and center, surrounded by altars of sacred statues, crystals and sacred artifacts. Come hold ceremony with intentions to tap into the Earth’s own energy, and connect it to your own. The TEMPLE  P L U R  crew will be present to hold space, care for the temple and be present with anyone who wishes to connect.

TEMPLE  P L U R  is open 10am – 8pm