MuRaLMoNsTaRS Bio:

MuRaLMoNsTaRS ¬†are a fun group of creative paint mashers that specialize¬†in large scale live painting and mural work. Their paintings take you to¬†fantastical worlds filled with colorful characters, and elaborate dreamscapes.¬†Each of the MuRaLMoNsTaRS is an interesting colorful character¬†themselves, making watching them paint an enjoyable journey in itself, as¬†they bounce bubble and snarl the paint on to the canvas (or more often the¬†wall). Comprised of : Dylan‚ÄĚKauz‚ÄĚFreeman, Arise Rawk, Matt Schlosky,¬†Capsel, Firecat, and Christopher Burns plus special guest monstars.