MushLove Bio:

Mushlove had its beginnings in 2013 with the creation of the burning man theme camp ‚ÄúTemple of the Shroom.” The camp was conceived and created as a traveling and scalable installation that creates a safe and progressive environment to explore the beauty of the natural world around us.¬†¬†At the end of the day we are about bringing together and amalgamation of people who are excited and inspired by the possibilities of communal gathering and exploration

 The Shroom:

“The Shroom” is a constant reminder of what the earth can give us, starting its life path as a tree on the homestead it was lovingly revealed by months of diligent work. Then formed, shaped, and refined by hand it now stands as the center piece of the traveling Temple of the Shroom. We bring it to What The Festival¬†not as just a singular object but an interactive participant on our pathway to play and exploration.