Massive Flux

Massive Flux Bio:

Jeremiah Allen Welch is an artist living and working in San Francisco. Born in Visalia, CA into a creative family, his father was a muralist and sign painter and his mother was a professional clown. As a child, sketchbooks, Legos and costumes from his family’s clowning business supplied an endless amount of entertainment. Comics, cartoons, street art, and hip hop became his main forms of inspiration and expression growing up. After high school he began to study ceramics, fine art, and design. In 2008 he moved to San Francisco to pursue a degree in cutting edge technology and art. At the same time, he immersed himself in the flourishing electronic music scene as a live painter. Aside from painting, he created album art and logos for his musician friends. His interest in design inspired him to start creating art installations and designs for stages. Never seeing an end to his development, Jeremiah Allen Welch continues to push the boundaries of traditional art.

The Lanterns of the Future project was co-created with partnering artist, Quinn Passantino.

Lanterns of the Future

Lanterns from light years away!  6 Hanging & 4 Standing lanterns.