Jeff Tarinelli

Jeff Tarinelli Bio:

Jeff is a 21 year-old professional tattooist and lifelong artist who has been living and working in Portland, Oregon since 1999. His art, both tattoo and other mediums, is deeply inspired by the indigenous people of our world and his personal work with plant medicines and altered states of consciousness exploration. He lived with the Shipibo Indians of the Peruvian Amazon in 2011-2012, working with the Ayahuasca vine in traditional ceremonies in the small village of San Francisco along the banks of the Ucayali River. With a clearer understanding of self and our shared reality, Jeff returned to Portland in spring of 2012 re-defining his art and life from the gained insights granted to him by his recent life experiences.

Hyperspace Portal:

Step through this illuminated neo-futuristic portal to another dimension of experiential art, taking your consciousness to the next level.