Christina Glabas & Holly Hogan Long

The Glam Clam Description:

“The Glam Clam” is a sculptural interactive funking experience. Our aim is to provide a glamorous respite for dust-weary divas on their travels through the Illuminated Forest of What The Festival. Invoking the electrifying spirit of the majestic disco clam, this open clam shell sculpture will emanate classic disco and funk from the 1970’s most glamorous clams, including Diana Ross, LaBelle, and Rose Royce. Festival-goers are invited to lounge upon the clam’s supple tongue, fondle a plasma globe pearl, and groove to the eternal funk of the Glam Clam. At night, lustful party-goers will be drawn toward the clam’s pulsating display of light, sound, and funk. The Glam Clam was birthed by Christina Glabas and Holly Hogan-Long many moons ago in the Illuminated Forest’s crystal garden. Driven by the desire for a funky comfortable place to groove out on their journey through What The Festival and a mutual love of Aquatic Fauna and Classic Funk, the girls took inspiration from fellow artists and ultra-freaks who imparted their vision on the festival’s forest. Richard Cawley and Gustav Sculptor, owners of Manifestation, return to What The Festival this year as the engineers of The Glam Clam’s luxurious exterior. Scott Sunn, a visual and audio architect of the sparkliest nature and Robin Newhouse, the glam-est man in the land round out the team contributing their engineering prowess and flawless style to The World’s Most Glamorous Clam.