Luminary Optix

Luminary Optix Bio:

Luminary Optix has teamed up with Vishyals by Johnny Dumps. Together we bring hand drawn design and digital media to the world via 3D mapped projection structures that are laser cut and internally lit. Using sacred geometry, elevated intention, engineering, and mind-blowing visuals, this team is destined for big things.

The Obelisk Project:

The obelisk project consists of a central 16-foot obelisk with 3 unique hand drawn/laser cut projection surfaces, capped with a led edge lit acrylic top. The central tower is surrounded by three smaller obelisks that are internally lit and equipped with projectors that map the surface of the large central obelisk. This entire structure has been built with sacred intent, built using the measurement of the megalithic yard, which is in conjunction with most sacred sites including the great pyramids, stone henge, and Tikal. Projections are interactive from the audience.