Jessey Zepeda

Jessey is a multi-disciplinarian combining a Grammy award winning music schooling, a BS in Psychology from PSU, fabrication project management and new media. Multi Disciplinary Artistry is at its heart a synthesis. If there were a defined objective it might be as such, Multi Disciplinary Artistry: assimilating and accommodating multi disciplinary approaches to solving multi faceted problems in a creative and artistic design paradigm. It is a practice that begs for efficacy in team work, humility in realizing you can not be the strongest link at everything. In joining links with the rarely found practiced and passionate craftsman, bridges can be forged to span the most abysmal ravines society has seen.

Personally seeking joy as an artist, video art holds the highest utility. In creating to our fullest potential we must battle dynamic problems that we can merely be a single link in the creative process for functional solutions.Art for the rest of humanity must rise above introspection, definition and influence; to create comprehensive, dynamic solutions for overcoming the apocalyptic problems that humanity now faces.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be apart of the design for the Starlight Grove Audio Visual Lounge with my compadres at Ghost Stag and the many other amazing individuals that helped make this vision possible.