Intro to Capoeira

Class Description

Join Pixador and Capoeira Malês for a two day workshop introducing capoeira, a rich Afro-Brazillian martial art combining fight, dance, gymnastics and philosophy for a unique game where our bodies are the chess pieces.

Learn fundamental movements providing a foundation to expand on, as well as paired drills to connect people with each other. We will cover concepts for the game of capoeira including some basic songs & rhythms and the structure and etiquette of a roda- the circle where capoeira is played. Then it’s on to the best part- playing! By the end of the each session, someone who has never even seen capoeira before can enjoy their first games and roda, where the connection and community is strongest. Learn to have a physical conversation through the global language of this amazing art form. Be a part of the magic and have fun while learning techniques that you’ll carry beyond the festival… We will have the traditional instruments such as the berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque, and caxixi’s, so whenever you hear the music of capoeira, come play!

Erik Rhay Bio

Erik Pixador Rhay began his journey into capoeira after love at first sight over nine years ago. Circumstance demanded he start teaching after only six months of training, leading him to discover effective methods of sharing this liberating art. This unorthodox beginning crafted Pixador as an ambassador of capoiera, taking him everywhere from martial arts academies & after-school programs to movement-therapy classes and private sessions. Since then, his horizons have expanded to teaching workshops and guest instructing for well-respected schools & mestres all along the west coast, from San Diego to Anchorage, as well as performing and leading workshops at events like the Oregon Country Fair, Northwest Folklife and Carnival Eugene. Pixador is known for his playful & easy style of instruction, quickly igniting peoples’ interest in capoeira. He now teaches professionally in Seattle, WA under the guidance of Mestre Curisco, Capoeira Malês